Southern Pacific 9010
Cab Interior Work
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-- Update August  13, 2013 --
Bill has been working on the pair of roll-up windows on the cab sides.  We have found it impossible to locate replacement flexible window channel that will fit into the window frame and so have been forced to slightly modify the frame by widening the channel.  We created a jig into which the frames can be mounted and another jig to hold a die grinder.  

Meanwhile, Dan has been hard at work in the engineer's step well.  He has removed the very last of the old paint and rust and left the area nicely prepared for epoxy primer and paint.  Now that the step well is completed, we started cleaning the bathroom wall.  The inside was covered with "body schutz" which had grown really nasty over the years and needed to be removed.  It turned out that the easiest way was with an air chisel operating at low air pressure.  And, the rear cab door which had been removed, received Bill's attention with filler and sanding.

Elsewhere in the cab, a cover was fabricated for the hole where the heater had been located.  Once it was painted and mounted, the radio head bracket and head was put in place and the radio wired into the locomotive.  We can't move by ourselves (yet) but we can listen and talk.

-- Update September 06, 2013 --
With the completion of the work on the  right rear cab door, its edge was painted green in preparation for installing the new weather seals.  The outside of the door was given a coat of gray and then all of the weather strip was installed.  Once that was finished, the weather seal was masked and the inside of the door given its finish coat of green.  The outside of the bathroom wall was also painted and it was then reinstalled.  With the cab interior work winding down, I decided to install one of the perforated panels on the left side.  And we installed the completed right side rear cab door.

-- Update November 27, 2013 --
The interior window moldings returned from being powder coated and Bill soon installed them.   I started working on the electrical cabinet doors and found that there were 13 extra holes in the left hand door.  After welding up the extra holes, I ground off the old broken hinges on the door frames, shimmed the doors into position and welded the new hinges to the doors and frames.  Now, they won't sag.  While working on the cabinet doors, I removed a hatch from the cab floor and noticed that it was not original.  The hole was ragged and not cut straight so I decided to weld a patch into the floor and eliminate the hatch.  Paint stripping continued in the left rear cab corner.  I sure was glad what all that was done.  

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