Southern Pacific 9010
Facts and Figures

Builder Krauss-Maffei Munchen (Munich, West Germany)
Model ML4000C'C'
Builders Number 19106
Date Built March, 1964
Cost New $492,403.00
Retired 9/18/1968 on account of #9 piston and liner damage.
Original Number 9010 (1964 to 1965) (SP class DF-801)
Final Number 9113 (System Renumbering in 1965, changed to SP class KF636-1)
Engine (2) Maybach MD870
Horsepower 2000 @ 1600rpm (each engine)
Transmission (2) Voith L830rU (with hydrodynamic brake capability)
Weight 344,000 pounds in working order.
Length 67' 7 5/8"
Height 15' 9 3/4"
Width 10' 11 1/16"
Fuel Capacity 4200 Gallons
The 9010 was bought new by the Southern Pacific in 1964 and was part of an order for 15 identical units.  They were an experiment in high horsepower diesel hydraulic locomotives that had rather short careers on the SP, being retired by November, 1968.  The 9010 was converted in 1968 to camera car 8799 and was used to produce film for the locomotive simulator.  It was purchased by the California State Railroad Museum in April, 1986 and suffered an abortive effort to restore it to its original appearance.  It sat noseless and exposed to the elements and thieves in in the old S.P. Sacramento yard until acquired by the Pacific Locomotive Association in 2008.

K-M Builders' Photos & Drawings

SP9010 was part of the second batch of hood units delivered to the SP, units 9010-9017.  Photos from the builder naturally focused on units earlier production units from the first batch, which included units 9003-9009.  Between the first and second batches, there were differences in exhaust outlets for the Maybach V-16's, and in the style of the radiator sight glasses.  Beyond that, these photos are representative of the new appearance of 9010.

(Note that air horns were removed or repositioned for testing and transshipment within Germany's more restrictive clearances.  Note also that builder's plates were not applied to the builder's photo subjects, 9003-9006, and that SP painters would add the round dot above the road number, signifying "turbocharger".)

Richard Oed Collection

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