Southern Pacific 9010

Mechanical Work
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-- Update October 21, 2018 --
And it came to pass that the handbrake mechanism was finished and installed.  Bill's craftsmanship coupled with an original brake wheel from Germany and a lovely new label from Bob Zenk make quite a sight.

The last time we had the engine running, we noticed that the exhaust was spitting oil droplets.  Bill and I ran a compression test on the engine and found the cylinders reasonably equal except for number 15 which was around 150 psi less than the others.  Rob Fern had arrived for his annual working visit so we decided to remove the turbo chargers and see if we could find where the oil was coming from.  Upon removing the rear turbo, we found the exhaust outlets from cylinders 9 and 12 to be oily and under the front turbo, number 10 was oily with number 7 just starting to show wetness.  This was bad enough but upon inspection of the turbos, we found that the compressor section of the front turbo is soaked with oil.  I decided that it should not be run as the oil from the exhaust was making a mess and it is likely that the problem would just get worse.  We will be rebuilding the engine in the near future because of leaking cylinder liner seals so while the oil situation is a setback, it means that we can concentrate on the cosmetic part of the restoration.  We have proven that the transmission is in good working order and the truck gear boxes run quietly.