Southern Pacific 9010
 Our Vendor List

The following names are those companies who have helped us with this restoration.  This is not intended to be any sort of commercial for them but, without their expertise, life would have been much more difficult and they all have been extremely helpful.

Financial Support:
ITC Engineering Services, 9959 Calaveras Road, Sunol, California.

Cardan Shafts
The Welte-Group GmbH

Happich Air Intakes & Rubber Seals For Cab Doors:
DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH.

Happich Sun Visors:
Buscomfort Fahrzeugausstattung GmbH.

Beeline Glass Company, Hayward, California.

Metal Supplies:
Alco Iron and Metal,  San Leandro, California.

Metal Supplies:
Naylor Steel,  Hayward, California.

Metal Supplies:
Howard Wire Cloth Company, Hayward, California.

Melrose Metals, Fremont, California.

Radiator Fabrication:
Centerville Radiator, Fremont, California.

Prints For Reproduction Cab Gauges:
Whitewall Fotolabor.

Bezel Rings For Reproduction Cab Gauges:
Slspeed Fahrzeugteile.

Paint (External):
San Leandro Color, San Leandro, California.

Paint (Internal):
Sherman Williams, Concord, California.

Floor Covering  (cab):
RCA Rubber Transit-Flor, Dayton, Ohio.

Rubber Gaskets (between hood sections):
Seals Unlimited, Hillsboro, Oregon.

Piston Cups (shutter cylinders):
American Seal & Packing,

Piston Cups (air brake cylinders):
Pittsburgh Air Brake Company.

Windshield Wipers and Arms (Air Push brand):
Sprague Devices, New Albany, Ohio.

Builders Plates Replicas: (German Castings)
EMH-Eisenbahnteile und Metallwaren Handelshaus GmbH.

Window Regulator:
Dieselmot SPRL.  dieselmot/de

Cab Electrical Switches:
Schaltbau-gmbh,  Muhich, Germany.
Schaltbau-gmbh, Huntington, New York.

Reproduction Cab Labels
Seattle Engraving LLC, Everett Washington

All Kinds Of Things:
Ebay.  and

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