Southern Pacific 9010
Animations And Videos

On this page, we will present videos and animations pertaining to the Krauss-Maffei ML4000 C'C' in general and to our SP9010 in particular.  

First we have a great little animation created by Richard Oed.  Richard demonstrates the mechanical workings of the locomotive in a very clever and entertaining way.

Our crew member Rob Fern came over from the United Kingdom to check out engine #2.  We pumped it full of oil and Rob applied a bar to some bolts screwed into the rear shaft coupling plate.  This little video shows that the engine turned quite freely and quietly.

Carl-Peter Zander was KM's Factory Representative in Sacramento and Roseville from 1965 to the end of the program in 1968. He took these 8mm home movies as a personal remembrance of his days in the USA with the ML4000 project, and is sharing them with the 9010 effort. Here's a short trailer for his films, edited -- with a 60's feeling -- by Bob Zenk in 2009:

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